Matthew Rogers is from the Tidewater Region of Virginia and graduated from Virginia Commmonwealth in 2002. He lives and works in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Germany, and NYC. 
From 2004-12, Rogers collaborated with Tere O'Connor. In that time, he performed in O'Connor's choreographic works 'FROZEN MOMMY' (2004), 'BABY' (2006), 'RAMMED EARTH' (2007), 'WROUGHT IRON FOG' (2009), and 'COVER BOY' (2011).
In NYC, Rogers also co-choreographed performances with Jack Ferver at Dixon Place ('God & Satan Fucking') and 3rd Ward. He was also included in Ernesto Pujol's 'Inhabiting the Space' with Jaro Vinarsky and Maggie Bennett. Rogers also worked with various choreographers, including Johannes Wieland, Ivy Baldwin, Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig, Heather Olson, Jon Kinzel, and Amber Sloan.
In 2010, Rogers was a reperformer in Marina Abromovic's retrospective 'The Artist is Present' at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.
In 2012, Rogers moved to Zilina, Slovakia to collaborate with Jaro Vinarsky at Skok!, a non-profit organization focusing on the creative development of non-professional dancers and audiences in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Skok! projects include the WorkshoW series, Xira, and the 2013 Mima Misu Festival.
From 2012 to present Rogers has worked on 5 choreographic works in Hamburg, Germany, dancing for Jenny Beyer in ALL(2013) and Leibe (2015), for Antje Pfuntner in Nussknacker (2012) and for Antoine Effroy in Reset_74 (2014).

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