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MATTHEW ROGERS is an associated SKOK!. artist. He was most active from 2012 (Pohľadom tela / Body point of view) until 2017 (Delving into the Erotics of Dance), aiding with managerial support, participating in performative events, sharing his work and leading workshops.

Although he continues to create and perform in Slovakia, Matthew Rogers (1978) is based in Hamburg, Germany.

He has had ongoing collaborations with choreographers working within the free scene in Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Bern and throughout Slovakia. Some collaborative partners include; Antje Pfundtner, Jenny Beyer, Anna Till, Marie Gourdain, Chris Leuenberger and Jaro Vinarsky.

After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a BFA in Dance and Choreography, he danced in NYC for 10 years, working also as an instructor of the Pilates Method. He left Brooklyn for a traveler’s life in central Europe in 2012.

His own dance work develops through sharing inquiry into the  knowledge's of the body- learned, remembered, inherent. Presently, he continues to develop SELFstudies, which began in the choreographic co-creation within Jenny Beyer’s Debut. 

He can be reached directly at matthew.mrogers@gmail.com

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